Do you love RVing, camping inside nature, exploring new places, creating content based on your travels, blogs, for example? You are at the right place.

Do you want to publish your blog or travel stories that will surely be seen by thousands of RVers and hodophiles?

If you love to write original RVing content while building a brand, we invite you to submit your article to us.

RVing Talks receive multiple blog submissions from many travel bloggers. So we request you to read the below submission guidelines to get yourself the best chance to post on our site.

Are only RVers allowed to Guest Post for RVing Talks?

Nope. While the full-time writers in RVing Talks have RV experience, we don’t require the same from the guest posters. If you love camping, hiking, biking, fishing, or just traveling, you can use your experience to connect with our readers through your writing.
You don’t have to be an RVer to share your stories and tips with us. Your love for traveling is more than enough to write for us.

What’s In It For Me?

If your work is chosen to be published in RVing Talks, it will reach and inspire thousands of RVers and travelers. Online publication is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring writers and personal bloggers to build their profile on a professional website with a readership base that grows every day.


  • Publish your article on a high-traffic RV site;
  • A bio of yours with a link to your social media accounts and website;
  • Up to two links to your website or personal blog;
  • Our home page will feature your article for a week, and it will be there forever on our website;
  • Possibility to become a paid writer for RVing Talks!
If this excites you, please take a look at the types of articles that interest our readers and us.

Types Of RV Guest Posts we Accept for Now.

RVing Talks is a place where like-minded people can connect, share their experiences and learn from one another. We are not looking for any commercial pieces stuffed with paid promotions. Your passion for traveling and storytelling will do more than enough.
But to give you an example, we accept the following types of blogs and stories:
Don’t restrict yourself. You can also send articles that do not fall in line with the topics above.

Submission Requirements

For submitting your guest post, please follow the requirements below:

Subject Line

Always submit the articles in the body of the email with the Subject Line: “Guest Post.” RVing Talks will not accept any articles with attachments for safety reasons.

Send to

Send your works to writeforus@rvingtalks.com

Word Count

The minimum word count for any blog or story must be 750 words and be related to RVing or RV-related travels or camping somehow.

Be Original

RVing Talks expect you to submit your original content, and you may not submit any already published content from another website, including your own personal site.

Don’t Republish

If RVing Talks select your article for publishing, you may not re-publish it again on another site or your website. But you can share your article on your social outlets.

Be Polite

Any content that is deemed sexist, racist, or defamatory will be rejected without further edits.

No Links

Articles must not contain links to products (we will add the link if we believe the product will help our readers), anything sexual in nature, gambling, or anything inappropriate for our readership (in our sole discretion).

Tips To Get Accepted

We do not expect you to send the best article the world has ever read. We expect content that will be easily understandable by our readers and educate and entertain them. Just give your best!

About pictures

If your article is chosen, we will select photos for your article, and we request you not to include pictures while sending. If you do decide to include images, we appreciate it. But you must provide the licensing details to RVing Talks to make sure that we have all permission to reproduce such photos on our website.

RVing Talks prefer original photos which you took during your travels. Please select the photos from royalty-free sites if you would like to send us “stock” photos.

How To Submit ?

All article submissions should be submitted to writeforus@rvingtalks.com . Always submit the articles in the body of the email with the Subject Line: “Guest Post.” RVing Talks will not accept any articles with attachments for safety reasons.

3 ways you can submit the material

  • 1

    Submit a fully completed article with the title;
  • 2

    Submit 2-3 topics/ideas with us to review and allow our publishers to choose one;
  • 3

    Ask us for a keyword to help you with a topic idea.
Once received, we will get back to you within 3 business days. We will either:

Go ahead, send us your work!

We will do our best to take your works to hundreds and thousands of like-minded people. All you need to do is to WRITE.